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Related Payment Information

111學年度第二學期Second semester of the 2022 academic year


Tuition fee payment period: January 31–February 13, 2023

學分費 繳費日期:112322日至49日截止

Credit fee payment period: March 22–April 9, 2023


  1. Please visit the Miscellaneous Fee Portal Site of the Bank of Taiwan to download the payment slips.

2 (less than NT$40,000)Bill can be paid at 7-11http://cashier.ufo.ncku.edu.tw/var/file/96/1096/img/3229/image1.jpg FamilyMarthttp://cashier.ufo.ncku.edu.tw/var/file/96/1096/img/3229/image2.jpgokhttp://cashier.ufo.ncku.edu.tw/var/file/96/1096/img/3229/image3.jpgand http://cashier.ufo.ncku.edu.tw/var/file/96/1096/img/3229/image4.jpg

3(more than NT$40,000)Bill can be paid at posthttp://cashier.ufo.ncku.edu.tw/var/file/96/1096/img/3229/image5.jpg office andhttp://cashier.ufo.ncku.edu.tw/var/file/96/1096/img/3229/image6.gif 


4 Overseas and Mainland Chinese students use foreign credit cards, Unionpay card to pay tuition fee ,please visit the online payment platform

aThe account is student ID number

bThe password is the last four digits of the student ID number